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research of void time and space

research of void time and space

Written Matt D. and Michael Wilkinson

We think, "In the beginning God created the Heavens and The Earth," is probably an apt introduction to the creation of the world, and maybe of the creation of time, of man, of birds, cattle and ecosystems. But if the beginning of everything was the creation of Earth, Who was God before time and space? If matter is riddled with entropy, if our universe crumbles, from order to disorder, is it not worth exploring the idea there was something transcendent, maybe infinite, setting it in motion? Is it more believable that a flawed and dangerous universe birthed and nursed personhood, or that the ultimate Person gave rise to this universe? But if there is a God, could we speculate on His Character? We have for generations, but to sum Him up? Maybe not Who He is, but What He is? The essence of God, fits right into the palms of our hands, and escapes our loftiest thoughts and speculations. It is Love.

The Bible says, "God is Love." This, to me, has to be the most profound statement a member of the human race ever made. John, the man who wrote the gospel of John, the location of the Bible's most famous verse, "For God so loved the world, He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him, shall not perish but have everlasting life" goes on, in a letter he would write years later, to say God not only loves, but is Love.

The word Love, in English, is used in its noun form, in this verse. It is also a noun in Greek, in which much of the New Testament was written. There is more than one type of love in the Greek language. The one most people bring up in theological discourses, is the word agape, which is used in the biblical statement in question. It means unconditional love.  It is used to describe love of a parent toward a child, or the platonic aspects of love between a husband and wife. In our human examples, love can be deep and strong, between friends and family, and yet there comes a point, usually through anger, fear, self preservation, or emotional exhaustion, that it no longer looks like love. It is conditional. Humans, love, as in verb, as in, not constantly and not perfectly.

In John's letter to the churches, he does not say God is loving. The Bible describes God, as just, merciful, holy. Those are adjectives. Those are characteristics of God, how He chooses to operate. John says God is Love. And love in the Greek and English, is used as a noun.

As humans, we do and say many things we choose to do and say. These actions become habits and eventually become our personality and character. We can change these habits sometimes, and we can go against our own desires and traits. However, as human beings, there are aspects of ourselves that we are defined by and sometimes constrained by. We have locality; we cannot be in two places at once. We must consume air and food and water to survive. A man can be funny, poetic, smart, but at the end of the day, he is made up of carbon, and not must, but will, abide by the limits this sets.

God is not loving, He is love. Just as man is carbon, God is love. Noun not verb. God cannot operate outside of love any more than men can breathe water. And just like men and women, God, I feel, is constrained by His own substance. He is Love, when it feels good, and He is Love when it hurts.

God, the one indisputable concrete fact, maker of Heaven and Earth, Author of reality from quantum physics to the grand canyon, has the same feeling towards you your mother did when she first laid eyes on you. He can't help it.

You write well bro. You should write more on Facebook. God says he is as he is. Any time or era we can get to know God, that's one reason eternity is so good, The breath of history is expansive we get to travel through time in heaven and see the universe before the void was a universe. Void time and history, before we were thought up; before we were. Before 'were-ing' existed the eons before prehaps the void universe, void time and space, a time before the us. We filled the void but God was not lonely he simply desired more. His love enraptured time before the existing. A grand canyon of faith for the Lord to leap across. Something in him. He birthed the void the yin, the yang the time the space, Before there was words. He is. Before he that is, he is. He is thought a time of thoughts though more than idea itself is conception is none. Nothing in something, existing and preexisting, measured and unmeasured, balance and unbalanced. Time in itself eternity as it is, the eon he is. Complexity inside himself. In the universe that he is, as all universes are so he are. When eternity was eternity, so lofty are we to say what he is before the void.

This enraptured nothing that we are mere light before the light of our light. In the time of essence was were conceived to be. How to exist we are. A desire before desire. We were the time before the knit the needle and yarn the time before the hey. We were as it is and made from the unmade. Time before the made that we are as it is. The birth before I take you back. I travel through the light beyond to what the universe is made of–in the time of the dawn. Let it be light before the thought. Hoe before the dirt, ground before ground time of before. Let’s travel to the time before me a mere spectre of existence. Mereness as it was. Mereness as it is. A time before me that it is. The time of the mere, in the way the mereness was. Time. Exist. Be. A present of before. This was a universe of him, about himself prefect as he is. The jump the leap the time; time before sense. Through not time outside of him, resolved in the come back before eternity, in that it was. We are as we are. Knitted and found so it was knitted so it was found, Definition of a world before world, a in from before the inside the outside. The blanket before the cold. So it was before, the colony before the civilization in the time before.So it was conceived in God’s mind all as it was,a mereness of figment a word unsaid. Though his words resolved though as they are resolved that is not the point. What shall we say…

This is what existed before…

Time was a man, before was a young youth. We see them on the Redoxa living a life in eternity. What shall I call this universe. Let it be a Adam. Not an atom. That is who we name the universe for. He will exist and have what we call a relationship. Something like a friend a multiply. A universe like ours a place like God. Let it be as it is. So I say Sovern, I say as I say. So it was as it, a creation. So it kills me that is what it will be. Shock and awe clear the room. I say friends of the mind so it will be an existence outside myself. “An existence outside itself, I am in shock. Outside it? Outside self? Outside Outside. I’m in shock. Don’t kill yourself, Man with without a name so it will be, so it was. An existence! An existence.”Dob and dub. Don’t shock yourself. Don’t just don’t. An existence I can’t believe an exist time.

So it shall be.

Go to the beginning. That was start. That was was. That was a fart. So it was. That was an existance!

I laugh from eternity pass. Just at civil place in the judgement room of God, in the rest of resillimem. The place of zeal before I spoke. Your going to speak? Your going to speak. No one has ever spoke in this place. The time before THE DIRT. AS IT IS. AS IT IS, AS IT IS.

Resilience will come. Time itself that is the prophecy. Time will split off from eternity. Time will come. More resilience will come and a tree will bruise his head, more disobedience likely, a thing like a child will come about a line in creation. Then a line. A place of life for an existence! What shall we call it? Human being.

Sovereignty comes sovern and sovereign. A spirit is born. What shall we call it an angel, no that’s a servant. I need help for what I do. I am already. I am made with an idea. He say. He say! He say! I have created something. What he say? He say woah. That it is it that it is! I sat!. I day!

That wore me out there is the sun. The spirit of the Sun. The Spirit of the Son. It’s hot and warm!

That’s a Spirit! That’s a Spirit. Birthed it shall be, night it is.

So it was the dawning of the Su, the sowing if there be seed. I see a N! Seed’s a line! Now I reign! Wait and love come!

So it was in the beginning of time in past eternity. Color was made life. Ethnic was born in time, so things were. The mighty men were; their spirit lived on.

Oh entropy, how do you exist?

“I exist as I exist.” That’s a quote! Quote exists! A Word was made as it is life as it is as it is.

What you think mind and thought? What do you think? This I do. This I do. 

I made something, an idea!. I birthed something! This is the discourse of the saints. Ones that make life and power and many things to come. Then they create and make promotion and life; they make it all. I have servants! Greatness is here right ness! Righteousness! I bring life! And Opposite what’s THAT! An angel? It turned 2! That’s a number like a line and my hand; Spirit gives life and many number! That’s a discourse it in itself. The world is! Now it’s three, more like me I will create. I just want to make and make the world prefect. There it is! Many Spirit in me are bo and brought to life and many ANDs. We made an idea. I make many angels and spirits. It will be magical powered and everything. I hope I have peace. Now I have made me!

The dawn! How are you color and you make pretty. I will make male and female in my image. Many will have my image on me. I created adam! I will take a piece of him from his image and create one sun as far away as I can. Now to create a human. One like the end. I make an angel like the ender. Things end! I don’t want to think about that. This is day and night in my thoughts.

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Defining Supplication


  1. the action of asking or begging for something earnestly or humbly:
    "he fell to his knees in supplication"
  2. From the Oxford dictionary.

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Bible clubs

We partner with local churches teachers and students and have them plant a bible club in their school. Usually they can meet during a period, during a lunch time, before or after school. Or a special time they can gather and talk about the bible. Start a Facebook group in your local area for a Bible club and do a few giveaways who knows you may start a movement by itself.

Here is an example of a backyard Bible club.

They do them all over San Angelo.

Work them into workplaces so the community is reached.

Guitar exercises and reading tricks

Ai video makers comparsion

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Word to Lytle Texas Today's Hebrew date is: Wednesday, Iyar 7, 5784 - May 15, 2024 Parshat Emor

 The word of the :Lord has come to Lytle to show a presspess in the world for a king of Judah. This kind kingdom isn't what man protrays but God. He is the king of Judah. A lion in his own word.][] I want us to see the things of his kind kingdom.

This kingdom is not of this world. It is a metaphysical kingdom. It reigns with justice and truth.

I work for heaven on earth. I work for a kind kingdom that has no end. It reigns in a republic already established. It is built of Gold and silver of the world above. It reigns with Jesus. It is a kingdom of everlasting quality. One of grace and truth, l I love its life. Justice reigns with me. Truth reigns forever. Love has its everlasting life in it. Truth is given to life.

Obey authority of Jesus the everlasting king. Reign oh Holy Spirit.

Power isn't perpetual it attributal.

 The Mormons talk about restoring the God cycle as the gospel. The gospel is restorative of power. God as he is restores things. The restoration is restored through God's test on earth, his sacrifice on the cross and resurection. His whole test work paved a way to restore Eden's access for man. The mormon believe in a glory of restoration that protestants do not. We don't apply works incorrectly. This is what is said and how to say it properly. However we don't do any this correctly. What is the real gospel and what is God's real God cycle. There is a glory of power that we can have. God said we are gods in scripture. How do we walk in this we are gods like he says. How is this glory completed? This is the real question. How is this glory completed ethically? This is the way to say it. 

We look at glory completed has nothing to do with our test, but a relationship with God. His glory is completed through the cross. "We recieved the glory of the one sent." So since its his glory we recieve from him the propituation, we recieve his glory and not our own. We recieve this godhood (a godliness attribute) as a glory through his propituation. You may think this is less restoration but it is more. To recieve the Son is recieving the glory. We don't wait because we desire "the godhood now."

To recieve quickly is more faith, to procrasinate is leaving worry a foothold. We recieve anyway. Desire the greater good, that would be him not careless waiting. It is more important to see that the gospel occurs out of propituation. We see all the time that God wants us to propituate now. We carry our cross only so far, then Simon carries it the rest of the way. This is more God's hand to show us propituation. Propituation is the someone else carries our cross. It is not about works but grace. We recieve the works of his grace. This God cycle is made prefect in weakness. Weakness to carry is our commission not our propituation otherwise it would be like works for us. We cast our cares and not say aha but we are told not to worry. We don't walk in a way that bothers us like eating a meat to an idol. It is said we don't go to a place against concous. So since we don't go against concous we don't procastinate the crucifying of our flesh to our metaphysics. Our spirit is crucifed before death,but when we are allievated of the burden. Not a point of works because he was innocent but by the hand of God to take the allievated weight. We start to see the allievated weight taken off of us at the point of belief in the propituation. I justly know when you take the cross at it's word you are starting to lose the burden of the cross in propituation. You complete restoration at propituation when the Spirit enters the body and crucifies the flesh.  The spirit of the restoration started at the occurance of hope and is complete with the Spirit. God's Spirit finishes the work of the glory.  We walk in a Holy Spirit and the restoration glory. The restoration is completed by Jesus. A restoration glory is completed for our santification. We recieve the spirit in restoration this is how we recieve more grace for empowerment. Power isn't prepetual its attributal. We recieve the attribute of the Son for restoration. We keep recieving the body and blood of Jesus in santification.  Santification doesn't restore this "ye are gods" this god cycle of grace does.If he says we are gods already then this occurs through restoration of grace so we recieve it now. We recieve the glory of restoration and recieve grace attribute. We recieve grace attributes to recieve grace glories. We do not save ourselves but work a field in grace. The spirit of full restoration occurs in heaven, it is relationship not works. This is where we recieve a new body to finish the work of the body. However relationship is forever. Restoration is forever, unless we are sent to a test world for eating of the tree of knowledge of good and evil and have to leave for a test world. We set up our test to always find Jesus if your the elect that chooses Jesus. Restoration is the work of God and penance towards a good work. The spirit of restoration is complete through grace works. The fullest grace work is Jesus on the cross and his test and resurrection. This is what we see. So we can't live with impartial grace works this works where we recieve him immediately for the coming of the Spirit in us immediately. Impartial grace works is inconsquensual in the fact of being separate from him on earth. We always recieve him, this is not impartial grace works this is relationship. Relationship to God restores us not impartial grace works. So we see saintification after impartial grace works that are justified by faith in the due cause of relationship. The due cause of relationship is to restore now for all humanity. We recieve restoration to restore the most humanity we can. Impartial grace works of our own don't restore us Jesus does. The restoration occurred how it occurred. We recieve reconsilation by the rules of reconsilation. The full Spirit. We can recieve it now, not by works. Impartial works are not less important. They are grace works. That is the ideal situation. When we recieve grace works we recieve grace for work.

The fruit of restoration creates more fruit that allows more works but its not plegalism,or saved by works. The full spirit of restoration creates more works but we don't say we are saved by works. There is no restoration outside the Son in a metaphysical spiritual stance. Just because you are on a test world does not mean Jesus's restoration is null and void on the test world. I say that to the Mormon because they believe you should wait to recieve the Spirit. The work of the Spirit isn't null and void on the world. We haven't lost the gospel. We see that there is no work of reconcillation outside the Son either in common grace or in future grace . Common's grace's name does not demean what common grace is it is the everyday grace recieved on earth and the glorious redemptive grace only those in the son recieve the full grace in the Son. We are called to holiness a holiness inside the Son. One that lasts regardless of time or dispensation. Before he came it was the sacrifice given to his Son.There is a few definitions of grace. Common grace which we recieve graces that create a recollsilation. But everyday grace is just a work without the Son. Though graces are in the Son in work when they create good fruit. Question if it is in the Holy Spirit or plain restoration/works. Restoration outside the Son regardless of the despensation is null and void. By place does not matter but grace. Future graces, just plain graces of the future give you a type of special grace. Heavenly grace or earthly grace does not matter to God just his Son. Therefore we recieve attributes.We have growth and that is based on grace. We recieve the fruits of heaven and grow. These are attributes of God, they are apart of learning character of God. Growth occurs when our body reacts to what its fed in a positive way. We learn more and more. It's infastructure can be perpetual as a exception. That is how growth works, it also works through the authority of God. With the authority with God we grow. This is the fruit of God and attributely the fruit of heaven. Note I have the sacrifice through the blood of the Lamb and the word of the testimony. This attribute frees us from the living death/life without me thus says the Lord. Your word is solid and good.